Where to Watch IPL 2021 Live with THOPTV and GHD Sports Apps Not Working



Alternatives to THOPTV and GHD Sports for IPL 2021 Season

The excitement of the Indian Premier League is back with the season hitting off on 9 April. This exhilarating sports event follows a two-month England tour, with the tournament finally returning to India after two long years. There’s loads of excitement as everyone gets ready to watch the games live at home or on their mobile apps. 

Of course, fans have been struggling to find downloads for THOPTV and GHD Sports, as it appears that they’re no longer available. Cricket viewers who loved streaming from these apps were left disappointed when they discovered that they wouldn’t be able to watch the IPL season on them this year. 

Fortunately, there are other live cricket streaming apps you can rely on for IPL 2021 and many other sports games. For instance, DAZN is a UK-based application that provides live sports broadcasts from around the world, including India. You can also try WSS 2.4 World Sports Streams to view the schedule of matches that’s listed on its servers.


Whatever you do, ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the IPL 2021 action.

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